My name is Bridgette, I am currently an HCI Masters Student at Michigan State University, working part time at an Audio & Visual company spearheading their 3D work.

I have an eclectic background due to my love with pretty much every type of artistic discipline; specifically I like to explore digital platforms. I enjoy the rapid iteration that digital work allows and calls for.

During my time as a Masters student, I’ve fallen in love with the process of creating meaningful products and experiences for users to interact with. I embrace the challenge of designing for a topic or instance that calls for new and innovative products or systems.


Educational Background

  • Master of Arts Degree:
    • Major: Media and Information: Human-Computer Interaction
    • Certificate: Serious Games
    • Graduation: May 2018
  • Bachelors Degree:
    • Major: Media and Information specialized in Interactive and Social Media
    • Minors: Graphic Design
    • Graduation: May 2017



Contact Information

  • Bridgette Rowe





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